mahavir nagarPuri is a well-known tourist destination where people from around the world come visit and stay. With the annual “Rath Yatra” and the beautiful sea beaches and natural scenery, it is one of the most sought after holiday destination. Naturally people would want to stay a little longer to enjoy the city some more. Why not build a holiday house or holiday home where you come and stay as you please instead of spending money on hotels? You can make Puri your permanent destination by buying any of the residential plots in puri.

At Shree Mahavir Estcon, we make real estate purchasing and buying easy. We understand that buying a residential property is a huge responsibility. We provide all the information needed to help you make a sound decision. With our experts, finding your ideal residential plot in the every growing Puri city is easy.

Buying a Property in Puri

Puri is famous for its Jagannath Temple and the beautiful beach, which makes it such an attraction for tourists and property buyers as well. With our wide networks and property experts, we can help you find the perfect residential plot in Puri.There are many residential plots in Puriwaiting to be discovered by buyers like you. If you are looking for plots in Puri that are close to the sea, we can help you find plots that matches your exact criteria. The best thing about buying a property in Puri is that it is less polluted, has more greenery and is more serene than the other cities. From independent plots to plotted schemes, we have a wide range of offers to meet your requirements. Due its high demand finding the desired residential property may seem a hassle and at times impossible. But, Shree Mahavir Estcon has been providing customers with exceptional service and we can find the right property easily.

Matching your exact requirements

Residential property buyers have specific requirements. We will find residential properties that are close to the market, situated in areas where communication and transportation are easy and safety is paramount. You can buy plots that are closer to the market, schools, hospitals and sea beach. In addition to this, if you have any other requirement, we can match that as well.

Fast Search Results

With our vast network, expertise and years of experience, we can provide quick search results. We don’t take weeks or months to find the property you are looking for. People who need plots for sale in Puriwill find our service exceptionally fast, reliable and cost effective. We will not only find the right property; you will be provided with all the details you need immediately to help you make a sound decision. Additionally, we will help you in negotiation and fulfilling all the legal obligation while buying a property. Our aim is to provide a very smooth real estate buying service.

At Shree Mahavir Estcon, our aim is to provide a quality service that takes away doubt and stress of buying a residential plot in a place like Puri. Contact us today for a fast, reliable and efficient real estate service in Odisha.